G’day mate!

Hey everybody!

Welcome to my blog where I’ll be posting a bit about the future adventures of my life. I am a 17 year old girl from Norway, who has just been accepted to a United World College! My name is Åse Baustad Nordeide, but my friends nicknamed me Ocita, hence the title of my blog. As a seventeen year old I’ll be moving away from my hometown, parents, friends and school to fill a new chapter of my life with adventures.

The admission from my future school came in about a few weeks ago, and I have already sent the college my visa application. I will be moving to Hong Kong 23rd of August 2018, attending Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong. Here I will attend this boarding school for my last two years of High School, graduating abroad. The college focuses on using education as a force to unite nations and cultures to develop a sustainable and peaceful future. You can read more about the school in my next post.

I figured this would be a nice way to keep my family, friends and other interested updated on how my experience is going. Personally, I love reading the blogs of alumni students, so I figured I would want to do the same.

I hope you follow my journey – I would love to see you here again!

Less then a month to go!

Today, it is exactly 20 days until I say goodbye to what I know as home and start my new journey.

It is so surreal to me, and I don’t think I’ll realize what’s happening before I meet the people I’ll be spending my next two years with at my arrival…

Anyways; I realized I haven’t given you guys a proper introduction of who I am – that needs to change, huh? So, (as I’ve said before) my name is Åse Baustad Nordeide, but am called Ocita by my closest. I was born and raised in Bodø, Norway. I had a childhood filled with laughter and joy, but I’ve always had an urge to travel and discover.


Me in 2012 at age 11 in Symi, Greece – already loving the act of travelling

I had never heard of UWC before August in 2016, and it never really occoured to me that I would ever have a chance of going to a United World College until I recieved the email where I was invited to an interview. I travelled to the capitol city (Oslo), went to the interview, freaked out, went home, and waited for my response.

It came on a wednseday, still not believing that this was a reality I immidietly accepted my spot at the school. Ever since then time has gone by so fast, I’m soon leaving and I haven’t even packed yet! ahahaha…

A lot of things will be different; first of all I’ll be moving to Asia (??!?!?) , I’ll say goodbye to my old dance studio and maybe try things like Chinese Dragon dance instead, I’ll go from having my own room to be sharing it with three other people from completely different countries, and I’ll be exchanging my Geography class with Global Politics!

I can’t wait to get on the plain and meet everyone, but at the same time there’s a feeling of sadness when I think about everyone I’ll be leaving behind… But I know (hope/pray) that everything is the same and waiting for me when I come home for holidays next year!

iiiiiiik! What a change!

Oh, and by the way I don’t look exactly the same as when I was 11… Here’s a updated picture!


(more on my insta @asebnordeide ;))

Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong

Howdy y’all?

In this post I’ll be informing you about my future school. I will be attending Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong, a boarding school located in Hong Kong (no way, what! So unexpected..)

“UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.” 

Bilderesultat for uwc

United World Colleges (UWC) is a movement that gatheres youths from all over the globe into one classroom where you hear about the conflicts in Afghanistan from a person born in Afghanistan.

The movement has 17 schools in 17 different countries where the National Committee of Norway selects 40 Norwegian teenagers to travel to these schools to finish High School at a different place than home. For me, the application process was long, nervewracking and even educational, ahaha. I sent the application in January, got invited to an interview in February and got my acceptance mail in March!

All UWC schools follow the same barriculate program, it is called IB. Here I will have 6 subjects that I will study deeply throughout my two years at the school. The IB diploma is recognised all over the world, giving you interviews with the biggest colleges! In addition, somthing I find very appealing, is something they have called CAS activities.

Bilderesultat for uwc


CAS activities, or Quan Cai as they call them in Hong Kong, stands for Action, Creativity and Service. Within these three subjects you have to A: do something creative, like coreographing dances, B: do something with action, like playing football or go monitoring coral reefs, and C: do something for the local community, like visit an elderly home or such things. This will develop the students minds as well as the academics.


Since the school is a boarding school, meaning I’ll be leaving my family behind in my hometown, I will be living on campus of the school. There are 250 students at LPCUWC, and all of us will be sharing rooms. One room is shared by four students, leaving you with only a corner of the room with a bed, closet and desk. Of course there are other areas to hang out, such as common rooms and stuff. I don’t know who my roomates are yet, we won’t know until we arrive at the campus.

Above is a picture of the school, the building with a pool (a pool!!) in the bottom left corner is Li Po Chun – where I will be spending my next two years.

A pool on campus, say whaaaat!

There you go! Hoping this post educated you a little bit about what I’ll be doing the next years, but if not – please ask me! Send me an email at asebnordeide@icloud.com or comment in the commentsection.

xoxo, ocita